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Each year, 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, joining the more than 30 million people living with the disease. The key to diabetes, because of its many complications, is the expert management of the chronic condition. At Nevada Family Care & Wellness Center, the team of physicians provides just such management, giving his patients in Anthem, Henderson, Nevada peace of mind knowing that their health is being expertly looked after. To learn more about managing diabetes, call or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes isn’t just one disease, but rather a several diseases that affect how your regulate sugar in your blood. The bottom line across all types of the chronic condition is that you’re left with too much sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream, which can build up dangerously and lead to a number of complications.

What are the types of diabetes?

The main types of diabetes include:

Type 1 diabetes

This form of the disease is thought to happen when your immune system attacks the cells in your pancreas that are responsible for producing insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. With Type 1 diabetes, your body doesn’t produce enough insulin (sometimes none at all), leaving glucose to build up in your blood.

Type 2 diabetes

In this version of diabetes, you build up a resistance to the insulin your body produces, leaving it unable to make enough to overcome this deficiency.

There are other versions of diabetes, such as gestational diabetes, but Types 1 and 2 represent the lion’s share of the diagnoses.

At Nevada Family Care & Wellness Center, the team of healthcare providers has extensive experience treating and managing Types 1 and 2 diabetes and even offers expert counsel for patients who have prediabetes to help them avoid the diagnosis in the first place.

What are the complications of diabetes?

As a disease, diabetes is a moving target because of its systemic effect on your body. Diabetes can bring on numerous, and very serious, health complications, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Hearing and sight loss
  • Kidney damage

The key to managing diabetes is to approach the condition proactively, taking the necessary steps to avoid these complications.

How is diabetes treated?

There’s no cure for diabetes, but there’s a lot that Nevada Family Care & Wellness Center can do to help you better control the condition. Depending upon which type of diabetes you have, a physician works with you to regulate your blood sugar levels, first and foremost. This is done through:

  • Insulin delivery
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle changes, such as more exercise
  • Weight loss (especially for prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes)

Once he helps you get a better handle on your blood sugar levels, he monitors you closely, watching out for the first signs of any of the complications listed above.

For expert and holistic management of your diabetes, call Nevada Family Care & Wellness Center or fill out the online form to request an appointment.