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Testosterone Therapy, SARMS, Peptides, Growth Hormone, Contest/Competition Prep


What is Extreme Fitness?

It refers to someone who trains harder, pushes the boundaries further, tolerates more pain, sacrifices more time, and remains relentless in the face of struggle. It is a mentality without self-imposed limits, a heart that refuses to be stilled, a drive that is unhindered, a passion that is inextinguishable.

If you are one of those athletes, regardless of your age, you have come to the right place. Dr. Abraham Fakhouri offers fitness aided tremendously by science. With the right supplements and proper science, you do not have to be a perfect athlete, but you must be a hard worker.

Don’t sit on the sidelines and admire or look upon your goals with disbelief, rather let us help you step on the field of play, and compete! 

What We Provide:

Dr. Abraham Fakhouri offers the Extreme Fitness service, including the following:

  • Internationally recognized and respected fitness advice.
  • Cutting-edge supplementation advice.
  • Special pricing on supplements and pharmaceuticals.
  • Extensive Medical Diet regimen.
  • Detailed composition analysis on fat, muscle, inflammation, and total body water.
  • Individualized contest/competition preparation advice.
  • Routine blood monitoring and detailed one-on-one insight.
  • Specially negotiated prices on deeply discounted lab-work.
  • Low annual or bi-annual fee.

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