Marlina Robinson, PA-C

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Marlina Robinson, PA-C

Marlina Robinson, PA-C

Marlina is a graduate of Medex NW of the University of Washington’s Physicians Assistant program.  However, her career in medicine started much earlier.  She has compiled an extensive background in medicine and is currently specializing in family practice including psychiatry.  She enjoys taking care of people from childhood to the geriatric phase of life.

Marlina treats the whole person, understanding that the mind and body are connected to make a healthy, happy life.  She is able to address all common disease processes as well as many psychiatric conditions.  She is also familiar and comfortable addressing the special needs of our LGTBQ community.

Marlina began her career as a Combat Medic in the US Army.  Later she was trained as a Respiratory Therapist.  That was a vital skill during Desert Storm.

After leaving the Army she continued to serve our country by working for the Department of Defense. There she continued caring for our men and women and their families in the Armed services until she was accepted to the PA program.

Medex NW’s focus is on underserved populations.  The schooling and hands on training is rigorous and intended to create a physician assistant who can work independently in remote areas.  This has given Marlina the confidence to take on many challenges in her career as a PA.

In 2004 Marlina was recruited to come to Las Vegas, where she has come to call home.  She loves the unique beauty of the desert and enjoys the people of her community.  Her daughter and granddaughter are the joys of her life and also call Vegas home

Service to people is an important part of who Marlina is as a person.  Besides serving in her community via her employment she volunteers and participates in medical missions in underdeveloped countries all over the world.

Marlina’s knowledge and skills has earned her the respect of her colleagues in Washington, California, Utah and Nevada.  She has served as adjunct facility to Touro University in Las Vegas, NW college of CA and Rocky Mountain College of Health Professions in Utah.

Marlina is happy to have found a new medical home to allow her to continue to care for her community and friends.